Chilorio tacos

An easy and quick way of preparing Chilorio's tacos at home in few minutes.

Chilorio tacos (chilorio marinated meat tacos),

One of the most popular dishes from the North West of Mexico is the Pork marinated in Chilorio sauce (it has been created different variations for people who look for other options: tuna fish, soy, turkey and chicken), which is an over 300 years traditional Mexican pork dish from the Sinaloa State of Mexico. The traditional way of preparing cochinita involves using chilli pasilla, garlic, salt, comin and oregano, which is cooked in casseroles stirring the mix until perfectly mixed and cooked. We have prepared the below recipe for enjoying this traditional Mexican dish at home, and it does not take that much time.

Recipe to prepare 10 tacos:


- 2 pouches of Chata's Pork Chilorio 215gr (Use Soy Chilorio for Vegans)

- 10 pieces of flour tortillas, the most used in Sinaloa (it can be also be prepared with Nixtamalized tortillas)

- 1/2 onion

- 1 lime

- 1 Avocaco

- Lettuce (a few leaves)

- El Sabor de Oaxaca's Cricket Sauce (or the sauce of your preference, if you do not eat hot, you can skip this ingredient)

- 460 gr of black beans (optional)


- First you need to prepare the topping ingredients. Chop the onion, the lettuce, slide the avocado and leave them aside until the tacos are ready.

- Open the Chilorio's pouches and put them in a pan, heat until hot.

- Warm up the beans on microwave or a pan.

- Heat the tortillas on a hot plate or "Comal" for 10 to 20 seconds on each side until soft and warm.

- Add 1/10 of the chilorio on each tortilla, black beans, some drops of lime juice, one avocado slice, some lettuce and the onion. Add as much hot sauce as you like, fold and enjoy.

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